The Vegan Spell
The Vegan Spell
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My name is Jenny and I live in Byron Bay, Australia.  My passion for wellness and plant based food has led me to become a Certified Holistic Nutritionist but it wasn't until I went vegan that I felt my mind and body aligned. I intend to help you build a harmonious relationship with food and to inspire you to fall in love with your lifestyle.  I started The Vegan Spell to show you how to lovingly nourish your being through nutrient-dense, whole foods. My mission is to show you how easy it is to be vegan, or plant-based, while both learning about nutrition and having fun in the kitchen.

“I eat foods that make me feel good, and love to share those recipes to help others find their spiritual connection to food too.”

Growing up, I tried so many diets to find the one that worked for my body. I avoided carbs, sugar and fat until I tried the next diet that once again left me feeling fatigued and hopeless. The truth is, no one diet works for everyone. We are all different and require different foods to help us feel our best. And when I use the word diet, I say it loosely to define a way of eating, not a strict set of rules that allow for a “cheat day”.

I felt relieved once I discovered how eating a plant-based diet made me feel. It’s simple, clean and makes you feel really, really good inside.

Upon discovering the feel-good power of eating a diet based on plants, I wanted to share it with everyone I knew! This is the root of why I create and share vegan recipes. I want to help you find clarity with food, so you have more energy to do the things you’re here to do!